Digital Marketing Consultancy

Are you confused when it comes to digital marketing? Unsure what is the best platform to get more sales for your products or services? EZ Marketing will show how attract clients the best possible way, while giving you time and freedom to focus on your life! We...

Web Design For Better Online Business & Marketing

Why Choose Us? There are many options available when you need a website or are in need of upgrading your existing one. There are many professional companies available for hire and even several free DIY online website builders, so why choose us? We design websites that...

Website Optimisation, SEO & Training

Are you losing traffic due to poor visibility? Simple things, such as missing or not well-worded meta tags will result in lower search result listing positions. URLs that are confusing or include too much strange information, like routes and various numbers are not...

Sales Conversions – Google Adwords Management

Getting Started With Adwords? Adverts on Google search results are triggered by a user's keyword search. Using Google can bring you instant traffic and business, no waiting around for SEO to kick in. Your ads can be targeted to geographical locations or even a set...

Website Management & Marketing Packages

Did You Know That Websites That Are Not Regularly Updated Lose Their Rankings?   Your website is a virtual shop window for your business. Even more often than buying online Irish customers will visit your website before doing business with you. Making sure your site...

Branding & Consistency Management

How much is unclear messaging costing you? How many potential customers can’t hear your offer in the sea of noise? Are your premises half empty because people don’t know why they should come? How many people are passing up your services? Can potential customers...

Website Marketing Audit – Website Clinic Ireland

  "I have availed of the beneficial and informed advice of Juliette Esper of EZ Marketing in the area of Digital Media marketing on several occasions. I found her approach refreshing and highly professional and she was quickly able to highlight areas where further...

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Fearless Client Attraction

Facebook Marketing Secrets, Hacks and Tips, Handy Online Tools Overviews,
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EZ Marketing Agency

We are a small business and we understand the challenges and budget constraints a small business may have.

But don’t do it on your own.

Oursourcing to a professional company will make you more money in the long run.


It is not an expence- it is an investment.


Our expertese in smart web design, branding & organic social media marketing will turn your small business into a lead magnet machine!

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Meet Your Marketing Guide:

Juliette Stapleton

Juliette Stapleton founded EZ Marketing Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency in 2012 after over a decade of doing it all as a side hustle.


Juliette is a Visibility Strategist, a host of Show Up! Stand Out! Visibility Interview Series for Entrepreneurs and a Digital Marketing Consultant, with over 15 years experience in Facebook visibility coaching, digital marketing, WordPress website design & creating, managing and fully operating both online businesses and online extensions of brick and mortar businesses.


Juliette the creator of Fearless Client Attraction – a membership learning portal, designed for service based business owners who are focused on achieveing their ambitions and need to boost their visibility using facebook as their center stage. Find out more here:

 Juliette also does private coaching for super achievers with insane ambitions but a little lack of knowledge and fluency on the techy side of things. Find out more here:


Uplevel Your Website:

Uplevel Your Website: Marketing Audit

Whenever I do a marketing audit on a website, I have a list of simple tests I like to put it through. These are 4 basic questions that a lot of web designers and business owners themselves seem to overlook when creating a business website. If you can answer these four...

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There Is Life Outside These Lines Of Code

Here is how I knew I must stop and take a break from being online all the time. I am in internet junkie. Really. Always have been, ever since I bought my very first IBM XT 286 in 1996. I was so fascinated with this abundance of information, access to whatever you...

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The Real Cost Of A Website Design Project

When you get a quotation for a website from a Web Design company, keep in mind that the quotation may or may not include the additional costs, so here is what you need to clarify: Website Domain Name This is the URL (link name) of your website. (For example mine is...

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How to Learn Anything In 20 Hours

Myself and my husband have always had one subject in which we are completely different and incompatible. Our learning techniques. I learn as per my needs. When I learned web design, I only learnt as much coding as was needed for the current project I was working on....

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