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Are you confused when it comes to digital marketing? Unsure what is the best platform to get more sales for your products or services? EZ Marketing will show how attract clients the best possible way, while giving you time and freedom to focus on your life!

We specialise in small business marketing for online businesses and online extensions of brick & mortar (traditional) businesses.

What will you gain?

  • Clarity on your unique offer and selling points
  • Defined Sales Funnels and Clear Value Ladder
  • Precise Marketing Strategy & Tactics plan designed for your business
  • Ideas on what needs to be automated to free your time and generate leads on autopilot
  • Social Media Strategy, tips and tricks to hack the organic engagement
  • Facebook and Google Ads Strategy to spend your money wisely
  • Accountability and support along your journey

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There Is Life Outside These Lines Of Code

Here is how I knew I must stop and take a break from being online all the time.
I am in internet junkie. Really.

Always have been, ever since I bought my very first IBM XT 286 in 1996.

I was so fascinated with this abundance of information, access to whatever you please.

Singing in a hillbilly band (please don’t get me started – I did it for the money! In Estonia we did not what hilbillies are :)), this gave me all the lyrics I needed, teaching English was a breaze with all sorts of resources available to download.

And it still excites me. I am like a child in a toy store EVERY TIME I turn on my laptop, it feels like Christmas morning – no kidding!
Not only I have a very excitable, almost obsessive personality when it comes to new platforms, tools, tips, tricks (this is what drew me to web design in the first place),I love people, opinions, learning from the best, meeting successful people who live a laptop lifestyle – this really motivates me in my business and in my life.

Needless to say it came to a stage where it consumed all my attention most of the time, and I found it hard to switch off. And since all my work also took place online (or at least on the computer), there was this pressure to ” get everything done”, so I could get paid as “money don’t grow on the trees”
But one day it changed.


My daughter and I once went to a local clothing department store.

“ I just want to SCROLL down there now” – I said,as we were walking around the aisles.
“Mom! THIS IS OUTERNET!” She replied.




English is not my first language and sometimes I mix up words, but this time is was almost intentional. I was SCROLLING DOWN the aisle! In the OUTERNET! I was so engrossed in being online all the time, I started referring to the real life using the same lingo!



Something happened to me that day. I started feeling ashamed that indeed my life has been so much online, the actual real life feels like just another virtual reality, the OUTERNET…

What about real people in my life? My husband, my daughter, my mom, who I may forget to ring every week… what do they see looking at me? They cannot talk to me as they see I am not 100% engaging.

I started noticing and feeling that “zone” I was constantly in. I had been preoccupied with whatever I saw online going to bed, waking up. In fact this had made me so unhappy and tired. It had completely taken over my life. It probably hijacked some of the amazing years of my daughter growing up… as I was too busy “scrolling down” another website page or replying to another Facebook message…


That year I made two most important decisions of my adult life.
One – work is work. Do it when you are inspired, so it is done quickly and productively. Work with your creativity cycles. You do NOT have to work HARD to make a living.
Two – unless what you do online is 100% geared towards making your dreams come true, get offline. The Universe will ensure you have enough amazing things around you to enjoy, so it does not feel like OUTERNET when you are not online.


In Conclusion, nobody’s perfect.

While I have learnt to work less hours with so much more productive outcome, I am still spending a lot of time online, especially since I started specialising in Facebook Marketing.

But now it is not just a fascination or an obsession. Now I am making the magic happen. I am making my dreams come true. And then at 8pm, I switch it off and put it all away.

To be present.

not in the OUTERNET,

in the NOW.

The Real Cost Of A Website Design Project

When you get a quotation for a website from a Web Design company, keep in mind that the quotation may or may not include the additional costs, so here is what you need to clarify:

Website Domain Name

This is the URL (link name) of your website. (For example mine is I highly recommend you buy the domain name in your own name and a separate account to your web master and then let them know the login details for domain management. This will save a lot of hassle if you have to change your webmaster at some stage in the future.

Website Hosting

This is a space on the server where your website files are stored. Often the web design company also offers hosting, as they will need to manage some features through the hosting control panel, but make sure you ask. Personally, I advise to purchase hosting space in your name, for the same reason as in case of the domain – there is no need to be a “hostage” to a web design company should you decide to part at some stage in the future.

Of all hosting companies I have ever dealt with only one definitely stands out for me: SiteGround! The quality of the service is amazing, there are never any server downtime (apart from that 10 minutes last time there was this massive global cyber attack, but then other hosting companies took hours to recover), and the live chat is absolutely amazing – they do a lot of things that you ask them (within reason of course) where Blacknight for example, will send you to their online documentation section. SiteGround for me is a 5 star service and I strongly recommend it to all my clients.

Here is a link to check them out:

Search Engine Optimisation

A website is like a business card, it tells what you do and how to contact you (even buying products is a form of online contact). SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is adding tags that are small, invisible to the user, but very visible to search engines, it is also making sure that you have all text & images optimised to include selected keywords. The keyword is what people would type into the search engine to find your business.

This is NOT part of a web design project. Only some very basic optimisation can be expected. So when your new website goes live- do not expect it to start appearing in the search engines straight away. Google is very slow on indexing (making records) of any new sites and pages, it takes weeks for it to include the new website in the listings, and definitely NOT on the first page.

SEO is a separate campaign style project- this means it will need to be completed over several weeks, and it is paid for separately as well. Any results from an SEO project are not immediately visible and this is just the way it works. You should expect website to appear anywhere near page one within 6 months to a year. This is provided that you have great content that is regularly updated, dynamic features, like videos and various interactive modules and that the competition in your niche is not fierce.

Up until then the only way to appear on page one of Google is to advertise with Google Adwords and Google Shopping if you are selling products.


Logo design is a graphic design project and may not be included in the website design quote. Expect up to €300 fee for a professional logo design. This should be profiled to you in hi resolution format that will be suitable for print in whatever size you need on whatever advertising media and a web version for the web use. You may ask for a separate square design version of your logo for Social Media profile pictures, however, this could be an add on as it is, again, another graphic design job.

How to Learn Anything In 20 Hours

Myself and my husband have always had one subject in which we are completely different and incompatible.

Our learning techniques.

I learn as per my needs. When I learned web design, I only learnt as much coding as was needed for the current project I was working on. Of course, over 15 years of designing websites and blogs this knowledge increased sufficiently. Same applies for graphic design and the use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (amazing platforms, but not very straightforward to use). Same applies to digital marketing. Same applies to music, dressmaking and performing I did as a child. I only learn what I need and as much as I need.

My dear husband doesn’t. He needs to understand the whole scope of subject first and then spend a lot of time learning all possible techniques and usages. Often this takes way too much time, and to me the acquired skills are hard to implement in the real life or the needs of our clients. I am not saying it is wrong. This is just what he is, and he has proved in his past that it works for him. He mastered the bass guitar so much that he had a reputation of the best bass player in Ireland in his time. When he went for his Masters in Music Technology, he has shown the best results ever in the history of the course and was offered a teaching position immediately.  He is one of the most skilled music producers out there, as per Jason Goldstein’s remark: “This man’s knowledge of music production is the most advanced I have ever seen” (Jason is a multiple Grammy winner sound engineer, based in New York).

However, in my opinion, unless your goal is to become the best at something, learning the fundamental principles and skills of anything does not need to require so much time and attention.

I wrote a blog earlier about the danger of outsourcing the stuff you have no clue about to other people and agencies. Mastering the fundamentals of everything you need gives you power to delegate confidently and retain control over the expectations and the results of what is being delivered.

Most Solopreneurs say “I have no time for this”, but I must stress that understanding every aspect of your business is the secret sauce of your success! Understand, and then hire people who play at what you have to work at. In other words, concentrate only on what you love doing, and get help doing things that take too much time or simply are not your cup of tea. BUT learn to understand them first.

Watch this short TEDx talk how to do it:

The Secret Sauce Of Outsourcing

Running your business on your own is a challenge, especially if you understand the importance of 80/20 rule – 80% of all your activity should be marketing and sales. (more…)