Availability To Clients

EZ Marketing availability to clientsThis is an important set of guidelines, that are specially developed to improve productivity in our service which in turn often affect the success rates of our projects and collaborations.

Please keep in mind meetings, phone conversations and replying to emails and texts count towards the time allowed within agreed package fee. So let’s spend this time wisely.

We always have very close relationship with all our clients.  We work hard towards the success of every one of our clients, and often in small businesses, this means we would work closely and care for your business & your money just as if it was our own. But no matter how close we work, remember that we do not own your business, this means simply that we respect your off time and hope you can respect ours. It is so easy to get caught up in running a business 24/7. Yet, it is vital to remember that taking a step back, slowing down and proper rest is the key to creativity, better perspective on things, higher productivity and success.

We kindly ask that you read the set of contact guidelines below and take them into consideration.

Phone Calls

Incoming Business Calls are taken Monday to Friday 11am to 4pm

(We do not take business-related calls late in the evening, over the weekend or public holidays. Please use email to contact us if required during those periods. In case of emergency we will respond immediately.)

Unless you are hiring us to be at your beck and call on a full-time basis (and your payment reflects it fairly), please keep in mind that our schedule is planned to spread our time and efforts evenly between all our clients and this means that the phone calls need to be agreed and scheduled for the most productive and efficient communication. We never take on more work than we can comfortably manage, so every client can get an adequate level of attention.

Unscheduled Calls: Unless an absolute emergency, it is not fair if one client calls us without a pre-arranged notice and we are occupied with another project. The level of attention we can pay to this phone call is not 100%. Every client expects our full commitment to the project. We are in the business of working with successful people, and this implies respecting our service guidelines and courtesy to other clients.

If you need to ring us for a lengthy conversation, please SMS on 0876133697 and check availability to take the call.

Call Duration: We thrive to give you as much attention and we can, however, please be prepared for the conversation, make a list of questions and take notes. Please write down our suggestions/directions and call back if you need more help, rather that trying to implement our directions while still on the phone. For example, if you are in front of a computer trying to figure something out, please try our advice in your own time and call us back if still fail.  This does not apply to pre-scheduled training sessions or remote assistance by prior request at agreed time.

And please, please refrain from spending your time complaining about your competitors who might be trying to copy you or cheat you somehow! It is the biggest waste of time a business owner can indulge in. Instead look within and see how can you improve the business at its core!


For some people, especially not very fluent with computers emails take a bit longer to type, but they are the most efficient way of casual communication as they allow us to be more productive: compile the to-do lists and keep requests on file. We always reply to emails very fast, at least the same day, mostly the same hour. We may also reply to your emails over the weekends, however, this will depend on our whereabouts and weekend availability should not be expected as part of the service.


Texting is by far the easiest and fastest way of communication. They are perfect for small short business messages. However, long sms conversations can be very distracting, especially when they are unscheduled. If you need to have a chat, send us a text to see if or when we can take a call and we will discuss anything you need. Please try not text outside 9.30am to 6pm – use email instead.


As we are mostly working remotely from your own premises, video calls are available subject to prior agreement. Skype consultations and training are available as a separate service, please contact us for more information.

Remote Assistance via Team Viewer

Often when dealing with a technical side of things or exchanging files, we use TeamViewer remote access software to access your computer.

Please download and install TeamViewer before you request such assistance.

Some of our clients granted us full unsupervised access to the dedicated work computers and others allow us access on demand (they need to let us know the unique access password that shows on TeamViewer screen every time). If you have issues trusting us, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our clients who use this service for any references.


Most of our services are ongoing tasks and do not require weekly meetings face to face. We recommend setting brainstorming meetings once a month or two to set direction and work from there. Some clients are happy to use phone sessions only, it is entirely up to you. Consultancy packages will come with a step by step plan of action, to make it easier to work towards the set goals.


Thank you for your support and we are looking forward to growing our businesses successfully within this collaboration.