Anyone who owns or manages Opencart based e-commerce store knows what a pain it is to share any of the products on Facebook. The images just never picked up from the page and you have to manually download the image to reupload it to Facebook. Annoying, unproductive and time consuming!

Here is a little trick I would like to share with you. It might save you much time, but this way if a link is ever shared again – it will appear just as it is intended. No more messing about.

Let me introduce you to Facebook Sharing Debugger! Easy in a few steps:

First – enter the link into the sharing debugger and click DEBUG:

If the link has never been previously shared before, you might see the following message:

How To Share Opencart Products On Facebook

Click on “Fetch new information button”

When the results show, sometimes there might be some warnings from Facebook, due to not recognising this or that meta tag. Opencart is a bit tricky to modify to please Facebook completely , but do not get hooked up on that part, unless they are something like this, telling you exactly what the problem is:

If this is the case go back to your installation and change the name of the image. Take the point on board and train anyone who deals with products on your site to never have spaces in the product names.

If this was not the warning in your case, just look below where Facebook will show you a link preview:

If you still see no image, here is Click on “Scrape Again” Button. And again. i noticed it takes a couple of times to actually get the image to show.

How To Share Opencart Products On Facebook

Now get back to your Facebook page and share the link to that product:

How To Share Opencart Products On Facebook

Voila! This link will work from now on anytime anyone decides to share it.

Now what do you do to get all your products share properly? Surely you cannot spend hours debugging and scrapeing every one of them? Not to worry, let me show you the Batch Invalidator. See the link on the very top, where you entered your first URL? It is just there to the right of the Sharing Debugger, and you can upload up to 50 URL’s at a time (separated by space) and debug those in batches. But do watch out for those nasty spaces in the image name. 90% of sharing issues are caused just by those little buggers. Get used to hyphens or underscores. Good luck and happy sharing your products on Facebook!