Digital Marketing Consultancy

Are you confused when it comes to digital marketing? Unsure what is the best platform to get more sales for your products or services? EZ Marketing will show how attract clients the best possible way, while giving you time and freedom to focus on your life!

We specialise in small business marketing for online businesses and online extensions of brick & mortar (traditional) businesses.

What will you gain?

  • Clarity on your unique offer and selling points
  • Defined Sales Funnels and Clear Value Ladder
  • Precise Marketing Strategy & Tactics plan designed for your business
  • Ideas on what needs to be automated to free your time and generate leads on autopilot
  • Social Media Strategy, tips and tricks to hack the organic engagement
  • Facebook and Google Ads Strategy to spend your money wisely
  • Accountability and support along your journey

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Web Design For Better Online Business & Marketing

Web Design Gorey, Co. WexfordWhy Choose Us?

There are many options available when you need a website or are in need of upgrading your existing one. There are many professional companies available for hire and even several free DIY online website builders, so why choose us?

We design websites that are fast, beautiful and most importantly, aimed at sales and generating leads. Because we work with many small businesses hand in hand, we understand that the only important goal for the website is – TO SELL [your products or services].

SELLING ONLINE has little to do with fancy features, complex elements and even the look and feel of the website. But it has everything to do with how quickly the buyer can find what they need and how hassle-free and securely they can check out and pay.

This is why all our customers, even those who didn’t consider changing their website, turn to our web design service. The results speak for themselves!

We offer web design for any type of business, and we will approach every job with your best interests and NEEDS of your customers in mind. Everything else is an add-on!


 Websites designed by EZ Marketing:

Browns Hairdressing
Clay Green
Southeast Wetsuits
Timothy Cassidy Photography
Lawler’s of Morriscastle Take Away/Pizzeria
Active Hunting Ireland Online Store
La Creme Boutique
Fearless Client Attraction
N.A.R.G.C Ireland
EZ Marketing 
Muckyhound Dog Training
Fairway Football
Wheelie Kleen Bins
Eco Restaurant Gorey
Anne Sheeran Soft Furnishings


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Website Optimisation, SEO & Training

Are you losing traffic due to poor visibility?

SEO Website Content OptimisationSimple things, such as missing or not well-worded meta tags will result in lower search result listing positions. URLs that are confusing or include too much strange information, like routes and various numbers are not liked by the search engines and any changed to the URLs will mean starting from scratch and losing all previous rankings for that page. Websites that are not regularly updated will be forced to stay at the bottom of the list.

How Do You Get Found On Google?

Correct search engine optimisation will improve your online visibility, bring the right kind of traffic to your website and contribute to better online sales.

We will research the best keywords for your niche. Sometimes you will be surprised what people are searching for in order to find you or your products. Do not assume you know what keywords to use- a proper research is always the way to go.

We will “invite” Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to come and “crawl” your website – it means their automated programmes (bots) will attempt to index (scan) the content of your website looking for text and metatags and create listings based on what they see. We will fully optimise every page and every URL to make sure the bots are seeing the information the way you want them to. This

The result is better rankings on listings, as they are shown to the people who search for this particular product or information. These people are likely to be buyers (those who intent to purchase already) or shoppers (those who research product to buy online or visit your place of business) and not just visitors (anyone browsing on the internet).

In short, LET US DO IT FOR YOU or get us to train you on what needs to be done!

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Sales Conversions – Google Adwords Management

Sales Conversions - Google Adwords managementGetting Started With Adwords?

Adverts on Google search results are triggered by a user’s keyword search. Using Google can bring you instant traffic and business, no waiting around for SEO to kick in. Your ads can be targeted to geographical locations or even a set radius from your business. We can help with remarketing, which means showing adverts to users who have already visited your website.

Keyword Research

We will work with your business niche and research the best and most cost-effective relative keywords. Keywords are monitored daily and with at least three adverts to test click through rates. We will also monitor the search keywords that resulted in a click, and filter wrong terms as “negative keywords” so you don’t have to pay for clicks that are unlikely to result in sales (as you don’t have what these people were looking for).

We try to find many more converting keywords and play with bidding, to ensure the conversions from these keywords are worth the cost.

Adwords Audit

If you have already set up your own Adwords account but the performance didn’t meet your expectation- contact us!

Incorrect keyword setting, duplicating keywords across ad groups, not using extensions, and low quality ads or landing pages are just a few of the most common errors. Call us for an audit on your current Adwords setup.

Conversion Reporting

Every month, or more often if required, we can provide your PPC performance report. This will include:

  • Clicks
  • Total cost and break downs
  • Cost per conversion
  • Revenue (for online shops)
  • Top spending campaigns
  • Top spending Adwords Ad groups
  • Top keywords


Alternatively, we will meet you and talk you through these figures in plain English.

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Website Management & Marketing Packages

Website Management PackagesDid You Know That Websites That Are Not Regularly Updated Lose Their Rankings?


Your website is a virtual shop window for your business. Even more often than buying online Irish customers will visit your website before doing business with you. Making sure your site is up to date is your number one priority. Showcasing your best products is vital! Most of the current websites have a content management system (CMS). It lets you update the content of your website yourself. But sometimes there is just not enough time in the day. So the website gets put to the end of the list. Plus, if you are not very tech-savvy yourself, these tasks can feel very confusing and difficult to comprehend.

We can free your time. We will showcase your busines to your visitors so that they will want to come to you!

If your website is based on the following CMS platforms, you can avail of our services:

  • WordPress (we specialise in WordPress web design)
  • Open Cart (we specialise in Open Cart web design)
  • AbanteCart (we specialise in AbanteCart web design)
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Custom-built Content Management Systems

Often it is not practical to hire or train a member of staff to take care of the maintenance and development of the website. It might take too few hours a week to create a dedicated position on the pay roll. Or too much time to assign an existing staff member (especially if they are not purposely trained, so it will take them much longer to do it and their main duties will be affected).  A fashion stylist in the boutique, for example,  might be great at coming up with short updates and snapping fab in store pictures… but editing them, adding branding, optimising with keywords, adding links and posting on the numerous websites will take a couple of hours, during which sales can be made on the shop floor.

Business owners often share with us that the time spent updating and monitoring the “health” of their website could be better spent developing their business.  Outsourcing provides a perfect solution and is more cost-effective in the long run.

Our website management packages start from just €150 per week for e-commerce and even lower for informational websites. Plus the packages cover services that often are very expensive to avail of, like web development, hosting. digital marketing and SEO.

It is simple. Just send us the content you want to go up on your website, such as photos, new product updates, category managements, special offers, blog posts, etc. We guarantee they will be uploaded and optimised for best results in search engine rankings in no time! Meanwhile, your website’s “health” and security will be monitored and any issues addressed immediately.

We can also help create a clearer branding message, set up a website marketing strategy to ensure your visitors get a clear idea of what your business is about. We make sure that all website channels to sell your products or services are utilised. So you can go about looking after your business and customers, confident that all your online management and marketing commitments are looked after.

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Branding & Consistency Management

How much is unclear messaging costing you?

Branding & Online Reputation Management - EZ MarketingHow many potential customers can’t hear your offer in the sea of noise? Are your premises half empty because people don’t know why they should come? How many people are passing up your services? Can potential customers understand why they need your product? A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

We can help you create, improve and maintain a clear, recognisable and strong brand.

Brand consistency ensures that people come to know a brand by one name or “face” and are thus more likely to remember it when they come to buy products in the brand’s category.  This applies to colours, the way the logo looks or the writing style ( typeface) used across all platforms.  When companies fail to be consistent with branding, they run the risk of not only confusing customers but also sending them a message that doesn’t sell their products.

Branding and brand consistency management is always integrated our web design and on going management packages.