Website Design- The Healing Art Studio“I asked Juliette to help me to design and advise how to market my website. My website is particularly complicated with many layers to it and I found it hard to get my head around it. Juliette took all of this in her stride. She was extremely fast, efficient, understanding and professional. Her knowledge of the internet as a marketing tool and the skills she has to implement this are very impressive. I learned a huge amount during the process, have a wonderful website and know she is there to support me when I need her. I would recommend her highly. She truly knows her stuff.”

Daniel Cullen
Art Therapist
(June 2015)
The Healing Art Studio

Please note:  in 2017 The Healing Art Studio has ceased the business, so the links here are to the copy of the site that we kept for our portfolio.

Daniel Cullen is a very experienced art therapist, who has set up his business in Gorey area recently and needed an urgent push to create a sharp online and social media presence for his business. With a potential blogging emphasis – which will help attract new customers – EZ Marketing suggested WordPress as the best platform for Daniel’s website design. It is a very user-friendly platform that, with some additional SEO training, Daniel would be able to maintain himself. We also consulted Daniel on the domain name registration and hosting options.

This website design project involved building a website from scratch, logo development, basic website optimisation and setting up a Facebook business page and designing graphics for the profiles. Together with Daniel we selected the best draft for the logo and integrated it to develop sharp branding for The Healing Art Studio. We also trained Daniel on managing his site, optimising new pages and blog posts and gave him a crash course on Facebook marketing.

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