EZ Marketing was approached by the founders of Fairway Football in Spring 2013 looking for web design & social media management services.

Web Design

As part of this project we designed a 6 page Joomla-based brochure website. It also included a blog, testimonials and a very cool Facebook widget sliding from the side of the screen. All graphic design except for the logo itself was produced by EZ Marketing. We set up a Google analytics and Google Webmaster account. The website content was submitted by the client, however  full SEO optimisation was not requested. Basic meta data was filled out by default.

Social Media & Blogging

We set up Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and a TripAdvisor profile  and designed all custom graphics required. And, of course we wrote a few blogs to get the company started.

This project also did not include any on-going services, so credit is due to the great work these guys are doing on Facebook, which seems to be their main point of customer interaction online.

Fairway Football | web design by EZ MarketingFairway Football is a brand new “Foot Golf” course right in the heart of the sunny south east designed specifically for this fastest growing sport. Fairway Football features two 10 hole courses, perfect to test any player’s skill – whatever the age or experience! Enjoyed by male and female players of all ages!

Project Summary:

EZ Marketing  created an online brand for Fairway Football, and set up initial digital marketing channels.

The one-off project agreement included:

  • Web design,registering the domain name and setting up Google Analytics
  • setting up all social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube),
  • setting up a TripAdvisor profile
  • blogging
  • Graphic design for all website imagery (excluding the logo),  and social media profiles artwork
  • Creating all content on the website
  • Initial SEO (meta tags) on the website, however the full SEO content writing was not included

Fairway Football,
Co. Wexford,