Meet Juliette Stapleton

Hi, Nice to meet you!

I am the founder of EZ Marketing, Juliette Stapleton – your online marketing confidence guide. I help Solopreneurs master online technology & marketing to create their dream life.

My story is long and windy. I have always been keen on online marketing. Even in my 20s, being a singer in several bands, I would spend massive amount of time building online profiles on My Space, Bebo, etc. and designing websites. Later on I started exploring my fashion design passion and again, found myself blogging and marketing my online presence, perhaps even more than fashion design itself.  I also helped out almost everyone I knew, that needed some online marketing or web design done, including the Irish Meteor’s New Artists Awards Winners, Amasis in 2010. This particular award was based on public votes and had 180 entrants to complete. The members of “Amasis” to this day truly believe it was my online efforts building up their profile from scratch that got them the winning number of votes!

So before launching a small business marketing firm in Co. Wexford, Ireland in 2010,  I had been producing website content and using social media on behalf of businesses for about 15 years. I developed digital marketing services tailored to the current market trends of individual industries for: restaurants, fitness instructors, fashion boutiques, online retailers, telecommunications firms, dog trainers, local attraction venues, footwear boutiques, music artists, healers, fashion designers and the list goes on.

I have discovered a particular gift is in recognizing the true obstacles that stop Solopreneurs being more successful: often the real issues lie in the scarcity mindset, lack of confidence,  poor planning, poor consistency delivering and commitments to achieving set goals.

Why do I help Solopreneurs create their dream lives? Because I have been there myself and I built my own digital marketing and web design business from scratch. I have also built from ground up a very successful online retail store,  Southeast Wetsuits, and supported amazing award winning businesses like La Crème Boutique  and

And then I rebuilt my own business into an online technology and marketing confidence coaching practice and basically retired at the age of 40,  living a laptop life style and enjoying the sense of freedom that it gives me – a total control of when I work, who with and how much I charge for my time and knowledge.

Now I am helping those who are on the similar journey create the live they deserve. Many of my customers say that my true talent in helping them break through procrastination and commit fully to the success of their business by changing the mindset behind it.

A keen growth hacker, particularly in the areas of self-growth and development,  I use a holistic approach to training entrepreneurs gain confidence with online technology, a huge stopper on so many Solopreneurs’ road to success.

I am is in the business of supercharging your online marketing confidence. I would love to connect and see if I can help you create your dream life!

For a real insight into what I am about and my outlook on entrepreneurs journey- watch the interview below: