“I have availed of the beneficial and informed advice of Juliette Esper of EZ Marketing in the area of Digital Media marketing on several occasions. I found her approach refreshing and highly professional and she was quickly able to highlight areas where further scope for digital media marketing development existed. She suggested how to structure these areas to maximise effectiveness. In addition we greatly appreciated her feedback regarding the redesign of our existing website which was of enormous benefit. Her depth of knowledge in the area of SEO was equally valuable. I would highly recommend the services of EZ Marketing.”

Olivia Veal
Clinic Director Gorey Family Chiropractic

Website marketing Audit | EZ MarketingWhy should you get your website audited?

Sometimes you can get so caught up in the everyday tasks running a business. Your attention becomes too cluttered, and you are unable to see the obvious.

“Our website is outdated…” We hear this everyday. A website marketing audit can help you salvage what is usable and guide you through the process of re-development.

A website marketing audit is the perfect place to start if your current website is not delivering what you expected.

Our website marketing audit is a comprehensive “marketing based” website evaluation. This is the quick, easy and affordable way to begin to improve your website.

  • We will assess website usability. How are graphic elements used? How effectively is information presented and consumed? Do you have clear calls to action on your web pages, Facebook pages, blog, etc?
  • We will measure how well you rank (organically) across major search engines.
  • Do you have an email marketing program in place? What are your open rates, click rates, etc.?
  • How well are your social media channels set up? Are profiles, descriptions, tags, links, etc. optimized?
  • How strong are your content assets? What formats are you using? Text? Video? Photos? Audio? Applications?

We will assess these website marketing audit areas internally and benchmark your performance against your competitors where possible.

We will help identify your online objectives from a marketing, customer service and positioning perspective. Comments and suggestions are made in each of the evaluation areas. We can also assist you and/or direct your current webmaster through re-development of the website, depending on the website CMS available.

Website Marketing Audit costs €200 per website and includes a report with our recommendations.

We can also help implement the recommendation if you need help. (Check out our website management services here).


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