Sales Conversions - Google Adwords managementGetting Started With Adwords?

Adverts on Google search results are triggered by a user’s keyword search. Using Google can bring you instant traffic and business, no waiting around for SEO to kick in. Your ads can be targeted to geographical locations or even a set radius from your business. We can help with remarketing, which means showing adverts to users who have already visited your website.

Keyword Research

We will work with your business niche and research the best and most cost-effective relative keywords. Keywords are monitored daily and with at least three adverts to test click through rates. We will also monitor the search keywords that resulted in a click, and filter wrong terms as “negative keywords” so you don’t have to pay for clicks that are unlikely to result in sales (as you don’t have what these people were looking for).

We try to find many more converting keywords and play with bidding, to ensure the conversions from these keywords are worth the cost.

Adwords Audit

If you have already set up your own Adwords account but the performance didn’t meet your expectation- contact us!

Incorrect keyword setting, duplicating keywords across ad groups, not using extensions, and low quality ads or landing pages are just a few of the most common errors. Call us for an audit on your current Adwords setup.

Conversion Reporting

Every month, or more often if required, we can provide your PPC performance report. This will include:

  • Clicks
  • Total cost and break downs
  • Cost per conversion
  • Revenue (for online shops)
  • Top spending campaigns
  • Top spending Adwords Ad groups
  • Top keywords


Alternatively, we will meet you and talk you through these figures in plain English.

If you are interested in our services, do not put off contacting us today – click here