Are you losing traffic due to poor visibility?

SEO Website Content OptimisationSimple things, such as missing or not well-worded meta tags will result in lower search result listing positions. URLs that are confusing or include too much strange information, like routes and various numbers are not liked by the search engines and any changed to the URLs will mean starting from scratch and losing all previous rankings for that page. Websites that are not regularly updated will be forced to stay at the bottom of the list.

How Do You Get Found On Google?

Correct search engine optimisation will improve your online visibility, bring the right kind of traffic to your website and contribute to better online sales.

We will research the best keywords for your niche. Sometimes you will be surprised what people are searching for in order to find you or your products. Do not assume you know what keywords to use- a proper research is always the way to go.

We will “invite” Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to come and “crawl” your website – it means their automated programmes (bots) will attempt to index (scan) the content of your website looking for text and metatags and create listings based on what they see. We will fully optimise every page and every URL to make sure the bots are seeing the information the way you want them to. This

The result is better rankings on listings, as they are shown to the people who search for this particular product or information. These people are likely to be buyers (those who intent to purchase already) or shoppers (those who research product to buy online or visit your place of business) and not just visitors (anyone browsing on the internet).

In short, LET US DO IT FOR YOU or get us to train you on what needs to be done!

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