Get Your Facebook Page Set Up For
Client Attraction!

Does your Facebook Business page bring absolutely no business?

You know what I mean..

You post to your page but all you get is crickets.

I see this all the time…

You make a Facebook page, start posting, but where are the clients??

You feel frustrated, disillusioned and almost ready to give up.

But wait, perhaps your clients simply cannot see what you are offering clearly enough?

“Juliette was amazing, explaining clearly what were the crucial sections to set up for generating leads with my Facebook page and where my personal should be connected. I have been enjoying generating a lot of leads through messages from my Facebook page, literally from the first week after the changes were put in place. Thank you!”

Kevin O'Moore

Owner, Wheelie Kleen Bins

Let me set it up for you!


Hi I am Juliette Stapleton and I am happy to help you set yourself up for success today!

  • I will audit your personal profile and suggest how you can  “clean it up” for Client Attraction.
  • I will ensure all crucial points are clearly available to your conections to easily visit your Business Page
  • I will audit/edit or create if you need an Awesome Business Page for you. It will have every section your business needs to have to present your products/services and offers in an easy to find, easy to understand way, which will increase the number of leads your page generates.

When I am done with setting up your Facebook presence, you will:

✔️ Feel confident that your Facebook presence is “Open For Business”.

✔️ Enjoy receiving messages from your potential clients, with everything they need to know available to them right on your Page.

✔️ Your Facebook presence will be aligned with your desired outcome by the way it is presented to the world

✔️  Turn your Facebook marketing efforts into hard cash.


ONLY €99


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Facebook Pages Set Up To Attract Clients to Date

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